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Our traditions have been shaping for over 45 years—Ichnianskyi Milk Powder and Butter Plant PJSC, one of the leading production enterprises of the Chernihiv Region, has been in operation for that long.

Today, due to the application of innovative technologies, the plant processes 100-180 tons of milk per day, given the seasonal factor, and may produce up to 20 tons of milk powder and butter per day.

Currently, the plant personnel consist of over 430 people, and each of them facilitates the development of this business and is able to resolve the tasks at hand thanks to their professionality and working experience. It is their high qualification level and their commitment, along with the contemporary level of production organization and new technologies, that results in high-quality products for which the plant has received multiple national awards in the recent years.

The latest years have been marked by a number of honorary awards won by our team: “Golden Fortune”, “Higher Test”, “Ukrainian Most Delicious”, “Ukrainian Regions Offer”, “Leader of Food and Processing Industry of Ukraine”, “Chernihiv Quality”, “100 Best Commodities of Ukraine”, “Best Domestic Commodity”, “Manufacturer of Best Commodities”, and “Public Recognition”.

Based on the results of the League of the Best International Economic Rating, Ichnianskyi Milk Powder and Butter Plant PJSC was acknowledged as “Enterprise of the Year-2012”. We entered the top ten of the best enterprises in Ukraine by volume of processed milk.

All products are made of natural, fresh, organic milk without vegetable additives, using modern technology in compliance with the traditional Ukrainian technologies, preserving all flavoring qualities, vitamin and protein content, and energy value.

Since 1993, our milk powder has been exported to about 30 countries around the world.



Ichnianskyi Milk Powder and Butter Rental Company commences operation.


A new shop floor is built with the milk processing capacity of up to 10 tons of whole-milk products.


Reconstruction of the boiler room.


First milk powder export supplies.


The plant is reorganized into Ichnianskyi Milk Powder and Butter Plant Public Joint Stock Company.


European-type agricultural companies and farms are created.


ISO 9001-2001 quality management system is introduced.


HACCP system for food products safety control is introduced in compliance with DSTU 4161-2003.


The plant is reorganized into Ichnianskyi Milk Powder and Butter Plant PJSC.

2013 — 2022

The plant’s energy efficiency is increased.


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