Approximately 20% of the feedstock comes to the plant from seven dairy farms, which, similarly to the plant, belong to ROSTOK-HOLDING Group. The farms are located in Chernihiv and Sumy regions. The cattle population in 2013 totaled 2,680 cows, out of which 1,250 are the dairy stock. Today, cows’ productivity is 5,500 liters per year. The basic cattle breed is Holstein (dairy breed).

The farms produce milk with stable high quality: protein content is minimum 3.1%, fat – 3.7%, microbiological contamination is lower than 300 thousand/m3, somatic cells content is lower than 400,000.

Additionally, raw product is bought in Ichnya, Pryluky, Sribne, Varva, Talalaevka, Borzna, Bakhmach, Sosnytsia and Koriukivka districts of Chernihiv region as well as Romny and Lypova Dolyna districts of Sumy region. In Poltava region, milk is purchased in Orzhytsia and Hrebinky districts, and in Cherkasy region – in Chornukhy and Drabivske districts.

For milk purchase from the population, there are 92 milk collection stations, 19 of which are stationary and equipped with refrigerating and laboratory equipment. Sribne Milk Plant LLC operating in Sribne urban-type settlement, in the south of Chernihiv region, is responsible for centralized milk collection.

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